Sunday, April 01, 2007

City man faces firearms (Model 41) charges


Anyone have one of these. I bought one at midwayusa and was looking forward to getting it in the mail. Well I got it and before I installed it I hosed it off with carb cleaner (non clor). After that I dabbed a LITTLE oil on it. I hosed it off because it was dripping with cosmo like substance. Anyway after I had it installed I noticed that the carb cleaner totally stripped the finish off of it. That is not what I am really complaining about.

The thing that got me a little ticked off is the fact that the whole damn thing is pot metal. This worries me because this is my go to gun. For a range gun it is fine. As far as the finish goes as far as I am concerned it is nothing that a little spray paint wont take care of. I think we all know how AR15 and strong pot metal is. I don't want this breaking at a inopportune time if you know what I mean.

I am going to be ordering some things from bushmaster tomorrow and they have tactical gun accessories as well. I was just curious if anyone here has one from them because I would like to avoid buying the same turd the second time around. Anyone know where I can get a good tactical latch at that is made of real metal and not some pot metal trash? TIA.



City man faces firearms charges
NEW BEDFORD A New Bedford man was found with a gun and arrested shortly after shots were heard downtown early Sunday morning, police said.

Nevada Senator Wants Firearms Training For Teachers
State Senator Bob Beers isn't just proposing the idea of arming trained teachers to protect students from each other, he says teachers need to be the first line of defense against terrorists. What's your opinion? Take our poll and post your thoughts on the blog.

Lamenting the loss of beloved childhood favorites
I often sit and ponder (some might call it daydream or wasting time) things from my childhood. The passing of fads, styles and things of all types that I loved cross my mind.

Conceal and carry permits about to expire
Three years have passed since Missouri residents have been allowed to carry concealed weapons.

NRA aims to be city's biggest convention
Acres and acres of guns are coming to St. Louis in mid-April. And they'll be joined by thousands and thousands of sportsmen and enthusiasts gathering for the National Rifle Association's annual convention.

I t's getting easier for investors to marry their faith in God with their faith in the stock market.

Firearms Experts Testify In 'Lawyer Murder' Trial
Testimony continued Thursday in day two of the so-called Lawyer Murder trial. | | Franklin Lawyer Hope Mercer is accused of killing her husband, attorney Joseph Mercer in their Brentwood home two years ago. | | His wife Hope contends the gun fired by accident during an argument, when her husband grabbed her hand. | | On Wednesday, jurors heard emotional taped police interviews...


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