Friday, March 30, 2007

SUREFIRE 9P - Ruger 10/22 practical shooting " 2007 " February

Kimber 1911

. Checkered cocobolo stocks

2. Heinie Slant Pro Straight-8 sights

3. Ditched the FLGR for an Ed Brown GI plug.

4. Checkered steel MSH

The gun has loosened up a little bit and the finish is trashed, but it just keeps ticking. I had issues in the past with Kimber MIM breakage but this particular gun has gained my confidence as a fighting gun. I won't make some outrageous claim like it has never malfunctioned but malf's have been extremely rare. The malf rate would be far less than 1% if I kept track. I abuse this pistol and shoot dirty reloaded 230 gr RNL as my primary practice load. It rarely sees factory ammo since prices have gone through the roof. When training with it, the gun does not get lubed or cleaned until the day is over. Once again, it just keeps ticking.

I'd give an original Classic Custom a serious look. Instead of tearing right into it, you may want to shoot it a bit to see what really needs done. While I'm not the least bit against customizing a pistol (obviously), I think shooting and training, not the internet, should tell you what needs changing.

I think the best accessory you can buy for a relaible gun is practice kimber 1911 hand gun.



Ruger 10/22 practical shooting " 2007 " February
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