Saturday, March 24, 2007

SKorea To (Holsters) Build No Gun Ri Park Memorial

Ruger sp101

Does changing the hammer on this revolver require Ruger sp101? I'd like to change out the factory spur hammer for a spurless one. Can that be done at home or is it a trip to the gunsmith?

I asked this in the Ruger forum over a week ago and got no responses. Just curious.




SKorea To Build No Gun Ri Park Memorial
CBS News - (AP) South Korea said Thursday it would build a park in memory of victims of the U.S. Army's mass killing of South Korean refugees at the village of No Gun Ri. The park will be built at the scene of the 1950 attack during the Korean War, said Choi

Sting operation shuts down Compton gun store
Los Angeles Times - Federal authorities and Los Angeles County sheriffs officials today shut down a well-known Compton gun store, culminating a two-month sting operation. Arrested at their homes early today were Stephen Patrick Virgilio, 36, of Huntington Beach, and

McCain tested by war, economy, weather on latest NH visit
Boston Online - In Littleton, he faced questions about gun control, abortion rights and immigration -- questions facing all candidates seeking support in the first-in-the-nation primary state. "I can tell from your body language your anger," McCain said to a resident

Foiled by the gun lobby
Herald Tribune - In a sleazy political stroke, Republicans played the gun lobby's card as the House was on the verge of redressing one of the longest-running injustices of American democracy: the denial of a congressional vote to the taxpayers of the District of

E-Vote Memo Is a 'Smoking Gun'
Wired News - A memo sent last year by a voting machine maker to election officials in Florida has reignited controversy over the reliability and accuracy of the company's machines. Voting activists are now renewing calls to examine source code used in the

Man Convicted Of Murder In Russian Roulette Death
CBS 2 Chicago - Paape has admitted pulling the trigger, but contends he didn't realize the gun that killed Michael Murray was loaded. In his verdict on Friday, Circuit Court Judge Robert Anderson said Paape should have known better. Defense attorney Richard Mottweiler

Student Shot With Pellet Gun While In School Bathroom
WFTV - ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A student fired a pellet gun inside Union Park Elementary in East Orange County, Friday. The child who was shot is doing fine, considering he was hit twice at close range with the pellet gun. But, as you can imagine, it was a

Past Associations Could Haunt Giuliani
Baltimore Sun - It's going to have a minimal impact, because there's no smoking gun, so to speak," said King. "They are trying to make it work. It's not ideal, but I think a lot of people will sympathize." The Rev. Al Sharpton -- a civil rights activist, former


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