Thursday, March 29, 2007

AR-15 MUZZLE BREAKS - glow sticks and flashlights 2007 March

Para Ordnance p 10

I owned a PO PXT SSP.

I put 5 or 600 rounds down the pipe. The SA trigger was alright, but a little mushy with a bit of overtravel.

Reasonably accurate with no malfunctions (considering all their models use a ramped barrel, I expected Para Ordnance).

Here's where Para Ordnance and I part ways...

Upon field stripping the pistol, I noticed "pockmarks" on the interior of the slide. Not just one or two and they weren't isolated. The entire underside of the slide had these casting voids that varied in size.

I knew the pistol utilized a cast frame and sldie when I bought it. After my discovery, I detail stripped the frame and found evidence of the same (so it wasn't an issue with only the slide mold) although to a lesser degree.



glow sticks and flashlights 2007 March
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