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Ruger 10/22 Gun Accessories (Universal Adapter) (Bianchi holsters)

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Leading edge technology and reliable time tested performance are just two of the many reasons the SCOTT AIR PAK SCBA is the choice of fire and industrial professionals worldwide.
Cutting edge respiratory protection for first responders, municipal and industrial firefighters
Time-tested record of reliable performance and rugged dependability
Redundant safeguards promote an added margin of safety
Tactile feel end of service indicator
Includes Scott s workhorse regulator, the E-Z Flo
Available in 2216, 3000 and 4500 psi operating pressures
Cylinder duration available in 30,45, and 60 minutes
TOP DOWN CONVERTIBILITY with AV-2000 facepiece
AV-2000 allows for interface with Scott s full range of communication devices
A lightweight, ergonomically designed harness system
Places bulk of weight on hips instead of the shoulders
Harness incorporates quick release take-up with parachute style hardware
Options include EBSS, Quick Connect E-Z Flo Regulator, Quick Charge, Airline pigtail, and integrated PASS


Ruger 10/22 Gun Accessories (Bianchi holsters)

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Ruger 10/22 Gun Accessories
AR15 Gun Accessories . You can have it done QUICKLY, done INEXPENSIVELY, done CORRECTLY. Pick any two ar15 . mspmwg51

M16 Parts and shooting supplies
AR15 Gun Accessories . You can have it done QUICKLY, done INEXPENSIVELY, done CORRECTLY. Pick any two ar15 . mspmwg51

AR-15 Shooting Supplies & Gun accessories
November 18, 2006 on 2:26 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments. 1614006MSPMWG , - AR15 Gun Accessories . You can have it done QUICKLY, done INEXPENSIVELY, done CORRECTLY. Pick any two ar15 . mspmwg51

M14 RIFLE MOUNTS - Churches suggest ways to prepare

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Churches suggest ways to prepare
Churches surveyed in southern Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina offered suggestions for how faith communities can be prepared for natural disasters.

1st ID unit's pre-dawn raid aims to round up insurgents
TA MEEM, Iraq The raid went well and poorly. In the end, seven men were handcuffed, blindfolded and taken away after their doors were kicked in during the middle of the night. Three were suspected of plotting and executing violence; the other four were brothers of two of the suspects.

TACTICAL BELT LANYARDS - Headed for a green season

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Headed for a green season
Bainbridge Post Searchlight, GA - Nov 28, 2006... some hunting on Thanksgiving. His biggest sellers were guns, hunting and fishing accessories and camouflage items. A newcomer to ...

DraXxuS Bats "A Thousand" at World Cup!
68 Caliber, FL - 3 hours ago... pants from DXS were made available at the event as well, in several color combinations including black with red, black with olive and black with camouflage. ...

Butchers up to their elbows in venison
New River Valley Current, VA - 20 hours ago... He has no desire to trade his apron for camouflage and plant himself in a tree stand. "I'm not good at it," he said, making another cut with the knife. ...

Third force seen in Highgate horror
Business Day, South Africa - 22 hours ago... for AK-47s. Some attackers had camouflage paint on their faces, raising speculation that they were white. Apla routinely hijacked ...

Animal classroom
Salt Lake Tribune, United States - 20 hours ago... Students learn the animal's perspective, just how much food it takes to survive the winter or what in nature serves as camouflage. ...

Christmas tree auction set for Friday
Parsons Sun, KS - 6 hours ago... trimmed with turkey and pheasant feathers, shotgun shells and shell boxes, deer antlers, pine cones with red bows and a leather and camouflage skirt beneath it ...

AR15 Parts and Accessories (THROW LEVER RINGS) 2006 October

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AR15 Parts and Accessories 2006 October
mspmwg8. AR-15 Acronyms G. GCA - Gun Control Act of 1968 (The law that, among other things, established the FF L license system, set a minimum age to purchase guns, and banned the import of non

camouflage clothing & shooting supplies
1714004MSPMWG , - STX Lacrosse shooting supplies. mspmwg8 - ruger handguns, . Post body: ar-15 to AK-47 accessories Universal Shooting Academy.

reddotscope's Journal
mspmwg8. AR-15 Acronyms J - Rifle Scopes. JANFU - Joint Army/Navy F**k Up (for a mess so big that one force alone couldn't . have made it by itself) JBT - Jack-Booted Thug (derived from the name of the

AR-15 Acronyms F FA - Forward Assist FA (Paintball) - at
mspmwg8 - AR-15 Acronyms S- Pistol Grips. SAAMI - Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (an association of manufacturers of sporting firearms, ammunition, and components.

Night Vision
mspmwg8. AR-15 Acronyms G. GCA - Gun Control Act of 1968 (The law that, among other things, established the FF L license system, set a minimum age to purchase guns, and banned the import of non

AR15 Parts and Accessories
mspmwg8 - Firearms - International Firearms. and Cognitive Ergonomics, 3rd International Conference on Universal RMS Sights . Manufacturers of rear sight blades for firearms. site directory for guns

M16 harris bipods Uncategorized
mspmwg8. AR-15 Acronyms G. GCA - Gun Control Act of 1968 (The law that, among other things, established the FF L license system, set a minimum age to purchase guns, and banned the import of non

Lacrosse ruger 10/22
mspmwg8 - T: 14.25 in Visit your Chrysler Jeep Dodge retailer or . T: 14.25 in Visit your Chrysler Jeep Dodge retailer or today.

ar-15 Accessories & parts
FUBAR - Fouled Up Beyond All AR-15 (substitute more colorful adjective for " Glow sticks " as desired) FWIW - For What It s Worth. FYI - For Your Information. mspmwg8

3 arrested in alleged drug ring (GUN CASES) (TRIJICON MOUNTS)

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AR15 Upper

That s it for tools! Now here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Remove the upper from the rifle. Remove the AR15 Upper. Using the instructions listed in the above posts, remove the barrel from the upper receiver. (you dont have to fully remove the barrel.... just the barrel nut/delta ring assembly, and you could leave the gas tube in the FSB) We will be assuming a full dis-assembly for this guide) You MUST remove any type of muzzle device first.... flash hider, muzzle brake, etc... If these are permanently mounted, then they will have to be removed. Depending on their method of attachment, it may be adviseable to have a competent gunsmith remove them and reinstall them.

Now we need to remove the FSB (front sight base) from the barrel. The pins in the FSB are typically tapered. This means they can only be removed one way. (I am told that RRA and LMT use straight pins, not tapered, so those should be even easier) Look on both sides of the FSB and determine which side of the pins is the SMALLER end. It should be the left side, and we will be knocking the pins out from left to right. NOTE - Stag Arms has been shipping uppers with FSB taper pins on the opposite side of most uppers - so be sure to examine your FSB!

3 arrested in alleged drug ring (GUN CASES)

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3 arrested in alleged drug ring
Police also seized $80,000 worth of drugs from an apartment in the Racquet Club complex on Route 413.

WHAT A SEASON: Firearms numbers are same or better in state
MT. PLEASANT -- When he makes a run into his blind to check the bait, Arron Tupper usually doesn't carry a gun, because he isn't really hunting. This time he did tote his .30-06 rifle when he made a bait stop, and standing by the pile was an eight-point whitetail buck with a hefty set of antlers.

Sanjay Dutt pleads for leniency
Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt pleads for leniency when he is sentenced for his part in the 1993 Mumbai bombings.

Iowa City police rarely use firearms
The use of a firearm can make the difference between life and death - and the decision to use a weapon is often made under great pressure. And Iowa City police officers unholster their firearms more often than residents may think, officials said. Building searches, traffic stops, as well as reports of gunfire are common instances that often require local police officers to draw their weapons.

Taft is set to veto gun law change
COLUMBUS - As he approaches his final weeks in office, Republican Gov. Bob Taft is locked in a showdown with members of his own party over changes to the state's concealed weapons law.

Chief supports firearm use in home defense
State legislators are considering a measure that would grant homeowners the right to use firearms against intruders.

Snoop Busted Again!
Subtitle Cops find drugs and a gun on the rapper as he leaves TV studio Subject Matter snoop dogg Body Snoop Dogg was arrested on drugs and firearms charges in LA last night after appearing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno . Snoop was stopped by cops as he left the NBC studio in Burbank, and they found marijuana, cocaine and a gun in his car. As a rapper with a bad-boy

Prosecutors drop firearms charge
WOODSTOCK Prosecutors said a witness who changed his story forced them to drop a felony firearms charge against a McHenry man involved in a July police standoff.

Paul Helmke: Guns and Governing
I've been involved with politics all my life, served as Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana for twelve years, been the Republican nominee for United States Senator in Indiana, and now, after four months as head of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, I'm at a loss why some pundits and elected officials consider common sense measures to reduce gun violence as "wedge issues" too controversial to

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Iraq Watchdog Office Faces 2007 (AR-15 RECOIL BUTTPAD) Closure

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Iraq Watchdog Office Faces 2007 Closure
From GUNED.COM-- WASHINGTON -- An explosive report released Monday on U.S. weapons losses in Iraq could be part of the reason Stuart Bowen's days as the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction are numbered. The special IG office, which since 2004 has kept watch over how U.S. taxpayers' funds are being spent rebuilding Iraq, is scheduled to close at the end of fiscal year 2007, next Sept. 30. Its expiration has prompted concerns that new and continuing investigations into waste, fraud and abuse by Iraqis and American contractors will recede into the shadows of the federal bureaucracy.

FBI imposter breaks into house, shoots man
From GUNED.COM-- ATLANTA - A masked intruder claiming to be an FBI agent shot and wounded a man early Monday morning, police said. The 53-year-old victim told police that the suspect, who kicked in the back door of the house and set off the burglar alarm, yelled 'FBI, FBI, FBI' as he walked up stairs.

Husband sees wife shot dead
From GUNED.COM-- East London - A man who suprised a burglar was ordered to go back to bed, lie next to his wife and then had to watch in horror as the burglar shot his wife in the head.

Reserve deputy shoots alleged burglar
From GUNED.COM-- Spotted suspects trying to break into car; officer won't be charged. While twice chasing men he saw breaking into his car, an off-duty reserve Muscogee sheriff's deputy shot one of the alleged car burglars Thursday morning outside his North Oakley Drive home, where investigators later found the wounded suspect hiding in a stolen car.


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AR-15 gun accessories & shooting supplies Blog Archive Hello ...
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! This entry was posted on Friday, June 9th, 2006 at 6:42 pm and is filed under Uncategorized

AR-15 gun accessories & shooting supplies Blog Archive ...
I would love to see somethinglike that, or if anyone can recommend an idiot s version of what I am talking about,let me know Ghillie Suit. - Rail bosses want to close down least-used stations across ...

AR-15 gun accessories & shooting supplies Blog Archive ...
I forget who sent me this pic, e-mail, IM or post and I will give you credit). Starting in October 1967 and prior to serial number 800,000 Colt s added chrome to the chamber.

FN Gun Porn
ACE has some. Via marc, who notes A civilian version, the FS2000, is expected to be available soon. Actually, it’s already out. I’ve personally handled two, both at Coal Creek Armory. By the way, when did CCA get that snazzy new webpage? Now, I can shop without even leaving home.

SayUncle: Unconstitutional
Xrlq brings the snark. Heh.

Double plus good
In this post, I said: I was thinking for a while about doing a post on media gun coverage where I take the word they use and translate it into gun nut English. It was on the to-do list but I never got around to it. For example: When they say High-Powered They mean regular Sample usage: The suspect [...]

S.I.R. RAILS - Wesson rips Enterprise

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Wesson rips Enterprise
Brookhaven Daily Leader, United states - Nov 13, 2006... Wesson shot the ball well from the outside. Coach Kessler is doing a good job with them.". Jeremy Smith paced the Jackets with 11 points. ...

Gun stolen from injured guard found
Jamaica Observer, Jamaica - Nov 27, 2006Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) officer for Manchester, Sergeant Rovan Salmon, said the gun - Smith and Wesson .38 revolver with serial number C980098 ...

Police: Man with gun in Getty Square is charged
The Journal, NY - Oct 31, 2006... They are searching for a second man who they said pointed the loaded 9 mm Smith & Wesson in the air, then handed it to Delasnueces. Police Lt. ...

Murder suspect known to police
Toronto Star, Canada - Nov 10, 2006... one month ago, when an officer in the city's east end arrested Jeremiah Valentine, police allege the Toronto man was carrying a loaded Smith & Wesson firearm. ...

Cops: Man shot self in cop car
Philadelphia Daily News, PA - Nov 21, 2006... A .40-caliber Smith & Wesson pistol was later found in the back of the cruiser, a police source said. Neal was taken to the Hospital ...

Tests Ahead for Biotech Stocks (subscription), NY - Nov 14, 2006... Losers don't do this, but winners do. Smith & Wesson (SWHC - commentary - Cramer's Take) peaked early last month when it tagged $15. ...

Gunmaker adds 2 lines of shotguns
The Republican, MA - Nov 17, 2006SPRINGFIELD - Smith & Wesson, a 154-year-old maker of handguns, announced yesterday it will start selling two lines of shotguns early next year. ...

Guilty plea in gun case
Eagle Times, NH - Nov 27, 2006... Police obtained written consent from Lambert to search the bedroom and found two 9 mm Smith and Wesson pistols in his clothes drawer, Sanders wrote. ...

Teens arrested after pulling gun in fight
Iowa City Press Citizen, IA - Nov 26, 2006... an argument broke out at 2515 Bartelt Road when, according to the victim and witnesses, Money pulled a loaded .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver from his ...

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Revolutionary not Evolutionary: Iindymedia activists report from ...

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Revolutionary not Evolutionary: Iindymedia activists report from ...
Infoshop News - 1 hour ago... immigration desks. More members of the Tongan Defense Force (TDF), armed and in camouflage gear, stood around in the arrival hall. On ...

NZ to host Fiji crisis talks
TVNZ, New Zealand - 11 hours ago... Small groups of armed soldiers patrolled the streets of Suva on Monday, while others dressed in camouflage uniforms guarded the president's residence. ...

Gunman Arrested at Miami Herald Building
Rapid City Journal, SD - Nov 24, 2006MIAMI - A cartoonist carrying a gun and dressed in camouflage surrendered to police at The Miami Herald's building Friday, more than two hours after arriving ...

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Police find illegal gun after Duncan s Pen shoot-out (M14 RIFLE MOUNTS)

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Police find illegal gun after Duncan s Pen shoot-out, Jamaica - Nov 18, 2006The Spanish Town Police in St. Catherine say they recovered an illegal firearm in a reported shoot-out in Duncan's Pen. It is reported ...

Gun yobs shoot Blackpool cat
Blackpool Today, UK - Nov 18, 2006VETS today issued a warning to pet owners after a cat was shot by gun-wielding yobs. ... VETS today issued a warning to pet owners ...

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Re: what's the difference between centerfire and rimshot? (AR-15 FORENDS)

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Re: what's the difference between centerfire and rimshot?
A rim shot is a..... I think you mean rimfire :)

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors in Virginia to Discuss Changing County Firearm Ordinances!
The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, November 1, at 9:00 a.m. to discuss proposed changes to the county s firearms ordinances.Among the changes likely to be discussed is a countywide prohibition on the discharge of firearms within 200 yards of a dwelling, a business establishment, a public building, a public gathering, or a public meeting place. Such an arbitrary ban on lawful firearms discharge could directly affect the county s sport shooting ranges.

Re: High Capacity Mags for Beretta Storm
I tried one of the M96 40 cal magazines but it's too short for the 45. One thing I have noticed while shooting the Storm is the trigger. Very plastic, requires a deliberate effort to fire. Not a speed firing trigger. The shockwave from each shot resonates up the stock and into my cheek. nobody else notices it but me. On the brighter side, it works well with a tac light in a dark house, it just doesn't have serious magazines unless you get it in 9mm. Even 40 cal is limited to 15 or 20 rounds. 9 comes in 30 or 32 rd mags, and they don't protrude horribly either. I think the Storm could have been done better with a built in tac lighgt and forearms that fold down into a short bipod. I would have put slots for extra mags in the shoulder stock.. Lotta wasted space.

Jersey City, New Jersey Trying to Enact Anti-Gun Legislation Again!
Please immediately email, call, or fax the Mayor and City Council of Jersey City to voice your opposition to Ordinance # 06-116 - Jersey City s latest attempt to rewrite its illegal one gun a month rationing scheme, scheduled for a vote on Wednesday, October 11.

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Capsule Movie Reviews (updated Nov. 2, 2006)

AR-15 Acronyms J - Rifle Scopes

JANFU - Joint Army/Navy F**k Up (for a mess so big that one force alone couldn't have made it by itself)
JBT - Jack-Booted Thug (derived from the name of the military boot made infamous by the goose-stepping Nazis, now applied in a manner to mean any repressive, overly authoritarian person)
JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point (a bullet that is jacketed in metal, but with a hollow cavity at the tip - see Rifle Scopes)
J/K - Just Kidding
JMO - Just My Opinion
JP - John Paul {Enterprises/Rifles} (manufacturer of rifle parts and accessories, particularly known for their trigger parts - website)
JSP - Jacketed Soft Point (a bullet that is jacketed in metal, but with exposed lead at the tip - see the Harris bipods)



Capsule Movie Reviews (updated Nov. 2, 2006)
Arlington Catholic Herald, VA - Nov 2, 2006... McGrath), with more humor and greater scope, and director ... funny funny business, there are some universal truths about ... but the setup never quite rings true, and ...

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AR-15 FOREARMS - Find your best love online Blog Archive teen babes

AR-15 Acronyms

This replaces the old thread. As always, contributions and corrections are welcome.

For a broader list of DOD acronyms, abbreviations and terms, see Ghillie suit.

For acronyms and abbreviations in general, see this or this.

Here is the list of acronyms and abbreviations specific to AR-15 and AR15:

@ - When prefixed to a member's name, means that the following comment is directed "at" or to that member.
. - Used to add a post without typing anything, means "+1 to my post count, I have no new comment" or the same thing as BTT. Also sometimes left behind as a placeholder when someone deletes the content from a post or as a quick post to tag a thread.
+1 - When used with a quote, means the same thing as "Ditto" or "I agree". When used in the EE feedback forum, means a good experience with either a buyer or seller. When just posted with no reference, it means "+1 to my post count, I have no new comment" or the same thing as BTT...
-1 - When used in the EE feedback forum, means a bad experience with either a buyer or seller.
87 - A nonsensical answer to nonsensical numerical questions. For example, someone might ask "How many magazines should I buy?" There is no meaningful answer to this question because it varies according to each persons' unique circumstances, so the canned answer becomes "87". Originated by markm, presumably because he felt it a waste of time to answer such questions, it has since taken on a life of its own and is used by others who think it makes a funny in-joke. The number 87 is also associated with several other meanings in general usage.
88 - Short hand for a neo-Nazi or, more loosely, any white supremacist. Derived from "H" being the 8'th letter in the alphabet, and HH being an abbreviation for "Heil Hitler". The number 88 is also associated with several other meanings in general usage.



Find your best love online Blog Archive teen babes
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AR15 Airsoft guns: Scope Mounts, Scope Rings, Rifle Scopes, ARMS

Stock Draft Picks: NYSE Stock Symbols List
CGC Cascade Natural Gas Corporation. CGD Lehman ABS DAB Dave & Buster's, Inc. DAL Delta Air Lines, Inc. MWG Morgan Stanley Cap Tr IV. MWJ Morgan Stanley Capital

Contact girls online with free subscription Blog Archive
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shooting supplies for the AR-15
the outlaws (express agent Ted Adams, Roger Williams, Budd Buster Acres Restaurant Ahn s Eatery Restaurant Ahn s Gas Station MSP, MWG,SAMSON , Universalshootingacademy. Shooting Supplies -

Exhibit N-2: NYSE and AMEX UTP Issues by Issuer Name (as of 8/9/05)
AEZ American Oil & Gas, Inc. Common Stock or Equivalent AMEX. AF Astoria Financial Corporation DAB Dave & Buster's, Inc. Common Stock or Equivalent NYSE. DAL Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Pretty good site for lovely contacts Blog Archive busty
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Pistol Grips, Revolver Grips and Handgun Grips: (CZ-75)

AR-15 Acronyms O - Gun Accessories

OAI - Olympic Arms, Inc. (manufacturer of various AR-style rifles - Gun Accessories)
OAL - Overall Length
OBO - Or best offer
OD - Olive Drab (that green color the army is so fond of)
OD - Outside Diameter
OEG - Occluded Eye Gunsight (a sight that projects a dot to the eye but through which you can't actually see the target - hence the term "occluded". It works via binocular vision whereby one eye views the target directly, the other eye views the dot in the sight, and your brain merges the two images together)
OFS - Out Freakin' Standing (substitute for "Freakin'" as desired)
OICW - Objective Individual Combat Weapon (possible M16 replacement weapon system that can fire both normal bullets and airburst fragmenting munitions. The XM8 is based on the normal bullet firing component an early OICW entry. Overview)
OTM - Open Tip Match (a type of hollow point bullet designed for long range accuracy)
OTJT - On The Job Training
OPS - Operations (see also OPS-INC just below)
OPS-INC - O. P. Seberger Incorporated (manufacturer of muzzle breaks and silencers for the U.S. military - website)
OTAL - Offset Tactical Aiming Laser (a laser sight mounted alongside the barrel/handguards/carry handle)



Pistol Grips, Revolver Grips and Handgun Grips:
Pistol grips, Handgun grips, Revolver grips. A Huge selection of custom grips. ... Grip It! FEATURING THE FINEST HANDGUN GRIPS FOR YOUR . PISTOL AND REVOLVER. is the web site ...

GooGhoul it!
Searching for kid-friendly activities in your neighborhood this Hallow's Eve?

A Tale of Two Utilities
As of November 1, the U.K will have a new electric utility company called Spark. They describe themselves thusly: Spark is an energy company. Seems simple enough, and it is. All we have to do to be a great alternative to the 6 major utility companies is deliver the best customer service, lower prices, innovative benefits [...]

Do you know what week it is?
It s National Character Counts Week , and it runs from October 15th to the 21st. According to a presidential proclamation issued in the afternoon of Friday, October 13, 2006, we are all to hold ceremonies, celebrations, barbeques, etc in observance of said week. And National Character Counts Week is to be observed and explained throughout the [...]

The color of money
Gearing up for November s elections, Fox News has quietly morphed their corporate color scheme, replacing nearly all of the red with blue. Hey, when your brand is all about championing the powers that be, being a chameleon is your only survival option. The problem with this weather vane approach to brand positioning is that over [...]

?Igor? ? The Movie
Finally, a great name for a movie! From today s Hollywood Reporter: "Igor" centers on a mad scientist's hunchbacked lab assistant Igor, who has big dreams of becoming a scientist and winning first place at the annual Evil Science Fair. It will be distributed domestically by the Weinstein Co., which also has secured rights in most [...]

Virgin births lobster
Virgin mobile has christened its latest phone Lobster . Sink your claws into this immaculate contraption, via Mobile Whack: The Virgin Lobster 700 TV is a TV and DAB radio receiver rolled into one. Channels currently on offer include BBC One, ITV1 and E4, with support for up to 50 DAB digital radio stations. The 700 TV is [...]

Walther Pistol Grips:
Pistol grips, Handgun grips, Revolver grips. A Huge selection of custom grips. ... C&C Global. P.O. Box 22222. San Diego, CA 92192-2222. Phone: 704 661-0188

Microsoft s Zune falsely linked with pleasure
From Playlist Magazine: Microsoft s forthcoming digital music player, dubbed Zune, may make some Hebrew speakers gasp. The name for the device which will take on the Apple iPod when released later this year sounds like a vulgarity, specifically the f word, in Hebrew Microsoft breaks the controversy down to pronunciation. While we do acknowledge the similarity in pronunciation to [...]

Colt Government 1911, Commander Grips:
Pistol grips, Handgun grips, Revolver grips. A Huge selection of custom grips. ... Grips on this page fit these models. Full Size Colt 1911; Colt Combat Commander; Colt Gold Cup; Full Size ...

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arron carter biography (AR-15 MAGAZINES)

AR-15 Acronym C

C3 - Class 3 (a class of restricted weapons as defined by the NFA, including machineguns, supressors, short-barrelled rifles, short-barrelled shotguns, etc.)
CAA - Command Arms Gun Accessories (manufacturer of accessories and gear for various weapons - AR15)
CAR - Carbine
C.A.R. - Colt Automatic Rifle
CC - Concealed Carry
CCH - Cut Carry Handle (a carry handle cut down to form a BUIS)
CCL - Concealed Carry License
CCO - Close Combat Optic (an optic designed for close range use, typically low power, parallax free and with long eye relief. The Aimpoint M68 is an example.)
CCP - Concealed Carry Permit
CCW - Concealed Carry Weapon
CH - Carry Handle
CH - Charging Handle
CIII - Class 3 (a class of restricted weapons as defined by the NFA, including machineguns, supressors, short-barrelled rifles, short-barrelled shotguns, etc.)
CLE - Compass Lake Engineering (manufacturer of competition service rifles and space guns - website)
CLIN - Contract Line Item Number
CLP - Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant (all-purpose gun maintenance product - example one, example two, Fiber optic sight three)
CMP - Civilian Marksmanship Program (website)
CMMG - Not an acronym, just a name (retailer of AR-15, parts and accessories - website)
CMT - Continental Machine and Tool (contract manufacturer of AR15 uppers and lowers)
COC - Code Of Conduct (the rules governing your use of this site)
COLL - Collapsible (as in a collapsible stock)
CONUS - Continental United States (the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia, not including Alaska or Hawaii)
CQB - Close Quarters Battle
CQ/T (also CQT) - Close Quarters / Tactical (a 1-3x optic made by Leupold and designed for close quarters battle with some mid-range capability as well)
C&R - Curios and Relics (firearms that are officially recognized as collectible due to some unique quality such as age. The ATF maintains a list of qualified C&R firearms that C&R license holders can purchase via interstate commerce without the services of an FFL dealer. More information)
CTR - Compact/Type Restricted (an adjustable carbine stock made by Magpul, with a friction lock feature)
CYA - Cover Your Ass



arron carter biography
JENSON UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL. the liberty elm tree. glori anne life of a peasant women in the middle ages. 98K SNIPER MOUNTS Hargrave Military Academy Summer Session. critical essays on

Shooting Supplies for Hunting
Completes 2004 Shooting Sports Survey American Marksman Group (AM Universal shooting supplies, gun accessories, Scope rings, (M14) Scope Mounts, Muzzelite RIFLE SCOPE MOUNTS. RIFLE SIGHTS

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glow sticks and flashlights Blog Archive Network-Centric
185 school bus drivers challaned (Rifle scope mounts) the Ordnance Department s own M14 ar-15 Rifle Scopes & Sights ar-15 rifle sights. glow sticks and flashlights. Universal Shooting Academy

There are so many of sites dedicated ruger. Which (TAURUS MAGAZINES) one is the best or

Hearing Protection

(DPM-1P & DPM-2P)

The Pro-Mag PLUS Hearing protection is the Big Boy when it comes to protection. The new PLUS model with the Pro-Form leather ear seals has an industry highest NRR of 33. The Pro-Mag PLUS Dimension model is designed for high noise situations or shooting in an enclosed area such as indoor ranges, shoot houses, very high caliber loads, demolitions, etc. Pro-Mag Dimension PLUS units will become a favorite choice for use by Range Masters/Instructors or anyone exposed to an extraordinary degree of loud noise. The DLSC circuitry means the officers will hear everything with the clearest, most natural sound quality ever captured, yet be protected against the dangerous sounds of explosions and weapon discharges

All Pro-Mag PLUS models are 7/10ths of an inch larger in cup size than the Pro-Slim PLUS models to accommodate additional insulation for greater sound attenuation. The new Pro-Mag PLUS models have the highest attenuation of all the models we offer with an NRR of 33, also note NRR 33 is the highest in the industry of any electronic hearing product. Available colors: Black, White & OD Green The Pro-Mag PLUS weight with batteries is 14.6 oz.



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