Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ghillie Suits - Samson Manufacturing, AR-15 Parts & Accessories, Rail Systems & Scope ...

It'd be nice that all Californians who want off-list lowers can get them purchased Hearing Protection,
so attention to detail and fast shipping upon order completion is really appreciated - and
I'm sure CA folks will pay extra for this & express shipping to have a trouble-free deal.

Briefly, to keep things legal, you should:


Samson Manufacturing, AR-15 Parts & Accessories, Rail Systems & Scope ...
Contact U. Samson Manufacturing Corp is located in beautiful New England just minutes from Interstate 91. You can contact us with one of the following methods:

MSA Acquires Paraclete Armor and Equipment, Inc.
The following is a MSA press release:

MSA [Mine Safety Appliances Company] has announced it has purchased Paraclete Armor and Equipment, Inc. of St. Pauls, N.C., a rapidly growing innovator and developer of advanced ballistic body armor used by military personnel, including Special Forces units of the U.S. military. Paraclete Armor, which employs approximately 200 people and had annual revenues of $16 million in 2005, will continue to operate from its North Carolina base of operations. The purchase price was $30 million.

The acquisition, according to John T. Ryan III, MSA chairman and CEO, immediately...

Dragon Skin Body Armor (SOV-2000) Passes all NIJ Level III Tests at USTL
by David Crane

This just in: Pinnacle Armor, Inc.'s SOV-2000 Dragon Skin has just passed all NIJ Level III ballistic testing/requirements at USTL (United States Test Laboratory). Official NIJ Level III certification should come in approx. 3-4 weeks, but it will come. Pinnacle Armor company officials have told us that it's a done deal. This is BIG news for Pinnacle Armor and the body armor industry as a whole, as Dragon Skin is the first flexible hard armor (anti-rifle) system to receive NIJ Level III certification, and the only flexible armor system ever submitted.

Murray Neal, CEO of Pinnacle Armor released the following statement to DefenseReview:...

Samson Manufacturing, AR-15 Parts & Accessories, Rail Systems & Scope ...
Over 24 years of manufacturing experience in the machining and plastics industry, Samson Manufacturing Corp. can handle the largest production runs to the most minor of ...

Tactical Iraqi for U.S. Military and Private Security Company (PSC) Operators
by David Crane

A company called Tactical Language Training LLC (Los Angeles, CA) is marketing an Iraqi Arabic language course to military and civilian personnel operating or soon-to-be operating in Iraq called "Tactical Iraqi".

According to the company website, the Tactical Iraqi language course utilizes...

Samson Manufacturing, AR-15 Parts & Accessories, Rail Systems & Scope ...
www.talonarms.com. Talon Arms is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality equipment for Law Enforcement, Military, Personal Defense and Competition

HK417 Weapon System: HK416 5.56 Carbine Gets a 7.62mm Big Brother
by David Crane

Back in July 2005, DefenseReview published information on the HK416 Weapon System a.k.a. HK416 Enhanced Carbine (5.56x45mm/.223 Rem.) in our article titled HK416 Piston-Driven 5.56 Carbine and High-Reliability 30-Round Steel Mag.

Well, Heckler & Koch Defense Inc. (HK Defense Inc.) recently introduced the HK417 Weapon System (7.62x51mm/.308 Win.), which is essentially the HK416's "big brother". Same gas piston/op rod-driven operating mechanism, larger caliber.

Defense Review's actually had the HK417 fact sheet since March, but we've been so busy over here that we forgot to mention it. Better late than never. Anyway, here's the link to the document:...

VirtuSphere Virtual-Reality Simulator for Mil/LE Tactical Training
by David Crane

A company called VirtuSphere, Inc. (Sammamish, WA) has a product called, appropriately enough, VirtuSphere, which can apparently provide a rather unique Mil/LE tactical training and simulation experience. Due to its design, the VirtuSphere provides "infinite space" and claims to also provide "the most immersive [virtual reality a.k.a. "VR"] experience for simulated training, exercise and gaming." The VirtuSphere platform consists of a large hollow sphere that can rotate 360 degrees as the user walks, runs, somersaults, etc. inside it while wearing a wireless, head-mounted VR (virtual reality) display a.k.a. wireless VR headset.

Co-invented by Nurakhmed “Ray” Latypov and Nurulla Latypov (both corporate officers at VirtuSphere, Inc.), the VirtuSphere has been developed with...


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