Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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AR-15 Accessories

By 1969 and before serial number 1,750,XXX Colt's chrome chamber barrels were marked C MP C, and the proof markings and C were moved to the same spot. This marking was used as late as 1970 or 1971 and serial number 4,552,XXX. The C means Colt’s, the M means Magnetic AR-15 Accessories inspected, the P for Proof fired, and the C near the muzzle for Chrome chamber. (late C MP C pic provided by yfs200):


catholic school kids - Gun and Game Forums
... Firearms M1 Garand M1911 & Clone Pistols AR15/M16 M1 Carbine M14/M1A FN Hi-power ... Silhouette CMP/ National Match Firearms accessories Magazines Holsters ...

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... ARMS, SAMSON, PRI Mounts, AIPMPOINT, and other tactical AK-47 accessories, AR ... Please refer to the M16 accessories for a more complete history of the ...

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